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History of our school
  • 130 Secondary school „Stefan Karadzha“ is one of the oldest schools in Sofia. We celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2007. Our school was built by the Levski borough’s residents. It is named after the legendary leader and activist in the national liberation movement Stefan Karadzha. The first students of 130 Secondary school „Stefan Karadzha“ were welcomed in 1957. Back then, there were not enough rooms, books or school supplies, but there were team spirit, dedication and ambition for turning the new school in the community into one of the leading schools in Sofia. Our school was one of the first schools to implement the Ministry of Education’s trial program for manufacturing training for students. The new school quickly managed to become one of the leading schools in the district. Not only that but soon after that our school became one of the leading schools in Sofia. In 1977 due to our students’ high scores and achievements, the Sofia City Prople’s Council pronounced our then 130 United Polytechnic High-School the best school in the city. In 1982 our school received an utmost recognition – a second degree honorary medal “Cyril and Methodius”. Our principle, Mr. George Katsarski was declared Principle of 2006. As of today, our school still keeps leading positions in the school rankings in Sofia. We have over 450 students and 33 teachers. We offer profiled education in secondary stage. Our programs are with focus on business management, IT, Bulgarian language and other foreign languages. Not only that but even though there have been some objective economic difficulties in our country, we did not stop the renovation and maintenance of our facilities. Now, under the lead of Principal Yanka Karadzhova, 130 Secondary School has three fully equipped IT labs, projectors, interactive boards, a library with more than 8000 books, video library, sports facilities, renovated rooms for the preparatory class and primary school students, rooms for Physics studies, Chemistry studies, Biology studies, Arts studies, Music studies, Language studies and Practice classes. In 130 Secondary School our students join clubs that help them gain knowledge and skills beyond their study program. Clubs like A Culinary journey club, The Rocket That I love Club, The Digital World And The Professions Club, Yoga Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Friends of the Piano Club, Multimedia Workshop Club and more. Our students organize and participate in talent shows, musicals and win leading positions in numerous competitions. They write our school newspaper “What’s New In 130 Secondary School” with the help of our great teachers who mentor them in the process. 130 Secondary School “Stefan Karadzha” is a school that creates a community. A community of young and inspired students and dedicated and brave professionals. This is our school, more vibrant than ever, even though it is fifty seven years old…

град София
район Подуяне, квартал Левски
ул. Константин Фотинов 118-120
Пощенски код № 1517

02/ 847-04-95

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